Power Yoga

Inner Strength + Outer Strength Combined

Power Yoga is my heart style - the style that I was absolutely born to teach (even more so because I teach it with loud, bass-thumping EDM). Power Yoga combines elements of Hatha yoga with elements of traditional bodyweight muscle-building exercises. When I teach Power Yoga, I teach it very much like a flow class, with vinyasas linking our movements and ensuring that our bodies never stop between poses. My Power Yoga class is sweaty and challenging, but doesn’t leave out the meditative elements of what you love about yoga.


Yoga Sculpt

Meditative Yoga + Traditional Weights

Yoga Sculpt is a combination of Hatha yoga with added free weights, often dumbbells of between two and ten pounds. Yoga Sculpt is taught with energizing music and a good mix between yoga postures that you know and love with traditional weight lifting moves, like weighted squats, renegade rows, bicep curls, and more. If you’re looking for yoga with a little extra “pump,” Yoga Sculpt is for you.


Vinyasa Flow

Constant Movement + Flow

If you’re a new yogi, Vinyasa Flow might be what you think of when you think of yoga. “Vi” means “in a special way” and “nyasa” means “to place.” So think of placing the asanas in a special way, with one linked to the other by flow and beautiful movement. My Vinyasa Flow, just like my Power Class, is challenging and will work all of the muscles in your body. If you’ve thought, like I did, that yoga couldn’t be a true, hard workout, check out my Vinyasa Class.

Restorative Yoga

Gentle Recovery + Relaxation

Tired? Achy from your workout? Just need an hour of peace and quiet while also doing amazing things for your body? Restorative Yoga is for you. Restorative Yoga uses lots of different props to set your body up for maximum comfort and restoration, all while laying on your yoga mat. This type of yoga is perfect for when you feel like you just need a slight pick-me-up or energizing boost from giving your body what it needs. My Restorative Classes are slow and relaxing.

Yin Yoga

Meditation + Stillness

Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissue of the body as well as the fascia. In Yin, poses are held anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes. The poses held are passive, generally in a sitting or lying position on the mat. Yin’s physically benefits may be outweighed only by its mental and emotional benefits. I’ve found that yin postures are often difficult to sit through, not just because of the physicality, but because of the need to still the mind. As always with yoga, this is perfect practice.

Senior Yoga

Movement + Fun

If you’ve never tried yoga before and you’re a little nervous seeing all those photos of people putting their legs behind their head, senior yoga is for you. Not quite a complete chair practice, senior yoga and chair yoga have a lot of similarities. In both practices, we can modify for any injuries, ailments, or even just preferences of what you like to do and what you don’t! The practice of yoga is all about uniting body, mind, and spirit and anything that gets us moving and is a lot of fun is the way to get there!

Chair Yoga

Modification + Activity

Chair Yoga is perfect for anyone looking to get a fantastic yoga experience, modified through a chair. In chair yoga, we do all of the “traditional” yoga poses that anyone would think of when they think of yoga and we also have a lot of fun, finding new ways to move our bodies while being mindful of limitations in movement. Chair yoga is great for seniors, those coming back from an injury, or anyone that just wants to have a new and different experience from their yoga class.